Adult Education Course
Attendance Policy

It is required that all students actively participate in daily physical and/or virtually assigned classes. Students that are absent from classes for three (3) days or more will be removed and will be required to re-register for classes, unless approved in advance.



Morning Classes

Monday - Thursday

8:00AM - 10:30AM

Monday - Thursday

11:00AM - 2:00PM

Evening Classes

Monday and Wednesday

5:30PM - 8:30 PM

ESL Registration


US Citizens:

***Only one of the following forms of ID is required:***

  • Valid Driver's License or ID

  • Valid United States Passport

  • Valid Military ID


Legal Permanent Residents

  • Legal Permanent Resident Card


Qualified Alien or Non-Immigrant:

  • Passport from home country and United States visa with I-94, I-94A or I-94W, or Alien Registration Number

  • Employment Authorization Card (I-766)



  • Category B-1 Visa- Temporary Business Visitor

  • Category B-2 Visa - Tourism or Pleasure Visitor

  • Category F-1 Visa - Non-Immigrant Student Visa

Pre-Testing for ESL Classes

To start taking ESOL classes in the Clayton County Public Schools Adult Education Program (CCPSAEP), it is required that English Language Learners take the Best Literacy Examination prior to beginning classes. The Best Literacy Examination is a free test that is offered by CCPSAE and will measure student proficiencies in the areas of language and reading. The scores that students receive on the Best Literacy examination will aid in class placement and personalized lesson scheduling.

Post-Testing for ESL Classes

Post-testing means that English Language Learners will have to take the Best Literacy Examination again after 60 classroom or virtual hours in the CCPSAEP. This is how CCPSAEP determines if students have made any improvements, what students still need to work on, and if students are
ready to move to the next level of ESOL classes or graduate from the program.